The Darling Buds
Andrea Lewis
Andrea Lewis - Vocals
Born: 25th March 1967
Harley Farr - Guitar
Born: 4th July 1964
Bloss - Drums
Born: ???
Chris McDonogh - Bass
Born: 6th March 1962
Jimmy Hughes - Drums
Born: ???
repl Bloss 1990

A Short History Of The Darling Buds

Formed in Cardiff, Wales in 1986, The Darling Buds were part of the brief "Blonde" period of UK indie music, along with their more commercially successful contemporaries The Primitives. Basically the trend was for a band to have a blonde female singer backed by a load of blokes wearing black and trying to look moody.

Blonde was one of those movements made up by the music press, much like the more recent New Wave of New Wave, Romo and of course Britpop...

After releasing their debut single on their own label, the group signed to Native in 1987. They received a lot of airplay on John Peel's Radio 1 show, and were championed in the press by Chris Roberts of the Melody Maker.

At the height of "Blonde" in 1988 the band were signed up by by Epic and had moderate chart success with a top thirty single and album. They even managed a few appearances on Top Of The Pops.

Then it all went wrong...

Bloss left in 1990 and was replaced by Jimmy Hughes who had previously been the drummer in Black. The band then decided to go for a more sophisticated style with their second album and never really regained their previous popularity. The third and final album "Erotica" was released in 1992 but caused hardly a ripple amongst the music press, even though it was released a few weeks before Madonna's album of the same title. The band then toured the States for a year but decided to call it a day after getting throughly fed up with the music business.

Where are they now ?

Andrea has since moved into acting and has toured with a local theatre company. She has also presented a music show called "The Slate" for BBC Wales.

But as for the rest of the band, who knows ?

Discography - UK Releases

If I Said - Darling Buds
February 1987

If I Said, Just To Be Seen
(7" only ?)
It's All Up To You - Native ntv 33
??? 1988

It's All Up To You, Think Of Me
That's The Reason (12")
Spin (7" limited edition)
Shame On You - Native bud 1
March 1988

Shame On You, Valentine
Uptight (12")
Burst - CBS BLOND1
September 1988

Burst, Big Head
Shame On You (12"/CD)
Hit The Ground - CBS BLOND2
December 1988

Hit The Ground, Pretty Girl
If I Said (12"/CD)
Pop Said - Epic 462894 2
January 1989

Hit The Ground, Burst, Uptight,
The Other Night, Big Head,
Let's Go Round There, She's Not Crying,
Shame On You, You've Got To Choose, Spin,
When It Feels Good,
The Things We Do For Love
Let's Go Round There - CBS BLOND3
March 1989

Let's Go Round There, Turn You On
Different Daze, It's All Up To You (12"/CD)
You've Got To Choose - CBS BLOND4
July 1989

You've Got To Choose, Mary's Got To Go
I'll Never Stop (12"/CD)
Tiny Machine - CBS BLOND5
May 1990

Tiny Machine, Me? Satisfied?
Tiny Machine (Hercules Mix), Sugar City (CD)
Crystal Clear - CBS
August 1990

Crystal Clear, Tiny Machine
Tripped Up (12"/CD)
Crawdaddy - Epic
September 1990

It Makes No Difference, Tiny Machine,
Crystal Clear,
Do You Have To Break My Heart,
You Won't Make Me Die,
A Little Bit Of Heaven,
Fall, Honeysuckle,
So Close, The End Of The Beginning
It Makes No Difference - Epic
February 1991

It Makes No Difference, Off My Mind
Love & Death, If (12"/CD)
Sure Thing - Epic 65821527
August 1992

Sure Thing, Baby Head
Suffer, What Goes Around (12"/CD)
Erotica - Epic
September 1992

One Thing Leads To Another, Sure Thing,
Off My Mind, Gently Fall, Please Yourself,
Angels Fallen, Isolation,
Long Day In The Universe, Wave, If

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